Colin Ransom, by his sister Marjorie


tree-for-colin-ransomThis first blog entry is about my Dad, Colin Ransom (1922-1984). The photograph shows Colin in the summer of 1941, at home in Wolverhampton. Here is an interesting little piece that was written about him by his sister Marjorie (1929-2012) in August 1989:

“Colin started work at the Midland Bank, Hailsham, before the war, his pay was £1 a week (paid monthly) he had lodgings there and came home at week ends. We moved when the war started to Bridgnorth, Shropshire, to a furnished house while Mum & Dad looked for a house – after about 3 months we moved to Wolverhampton and Colin joined us there where he joined the Midland Bank till he went in the Merchant Navy. I can’t remember exactly when – probably 1944 he developed TB and was in a Sanatorium (Prestwood) where we used to visit him taking farm eggs and other food – food was rationed. When he was in the Merchant Navy he once brought home two lemons – we hadn’t seen any for years – We raffled them for some charity and collected £20!”

Midland Bank, Wolverhampton

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